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We offer entirely free and no obligation consultations for most new clients. For those seeking help with FOID Card Appeals in Illinois, we do require a nominal $50 holding fee to schedule a consult. But consultations are free for all other clients. 

Our clients have the convenience of paying their bills online, secure client portals, and a phone number that is manned by a live human 24/7.  We aim to educate and inform just as much as we represent our clients. Our goal is to maximize your compensation when hurt and minimize the damage when you are in trouble. We’re your old-fashioned hometown lawyer – just better. 

All injury cases, including car accidents and nursing home abuse and neglect cases are handled on a completely contingent fee basis, meaning if you don’t collect compensation, we don’t get paid. When it comes to criminal charges and FOID appeals, we utilize a unique form of flat fee that gives you the certainty and clarity you deserve. Never wonder how much your lawyer will cost again. Give us a try, and we’re confident you’ll never look for a lawyer again! 


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