FOID Card Appeal

Have you lost your fundamental Second Amendment right to bear arms, you are probably mad – and rightfully so. The basic right to protect oneself is so basic and so profound that it is practically unconscionable that the government would ever alter it or restrain it. There are, of course, exceptions that have been carved out and created by court decisions and state laws over the years. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation out there about what constitutes lawful gun ownership. In Illinois, one must possess a valid Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID). Without one, just having a single shall casing or live round in your vehicle could subject you to a serious felony. Possession of a firearm by someone without a FOID can mean prison, even for a first-time offense.

Worse yet, many people lose the right to carry a FOID after a felony conviction. But this is not necessarily a permanent loss. Disenfranchisement of rights can be reversed in some instances. For example, a person with a felony arrest may have their FOID card revoked due to the arrest. While their criminal case is pending, they may go a year or more without a FOID card. Even if the individual is found not guilty or has their case dismissed, this does not automatically mean that the Illinois State Police (ISP) will let them have it back. It may require a degree of fighting. It is often easier to petition for expungement of a criminal record first. In other cases, it may not be necessary to do so. Many factors are considered when reviewing a request for reinstatement, so it is very important to work closely with a FOID card attorney who is experienced in criminal law and the administrative procedures of ISP’s FOID division.

What is a FOID Card?

A Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) is like a license. In Illinois, this is required to shop for guns, possess guns, touch guns, have guns in your vehicle, and even to possess ammunition or spent shell casings. Having a long rifle, ammo, or shotgun without a FOID is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in county jail. Possessing a handgun without a FOID is a Class 4 felony, which carries a sentence of 1 to 3 years in state prison.

Why Does ISP Deny People a FOID?

There are many reasons for a denial. They can range from criminal convictions and mental health psychiatric hospitalizations, to having an Order of Protection against you. But sadly, of the hundreds of calls we get each year, the vast majority have absolutely no legal reason for being denied. We can’t make sense of ISP’s random and unjust system for denials; we can only fight it.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer? Can’t I do it myself?

You can absolutely handle your own appeal, and in fact, we encourage it! We think it’s insane that anyone should have to hire a lawyer to simply fight for their basic liberties that are guaranteed in the Constitution. However, we offer two options – you can pay as you go for consulting and advice, or you can pay us to handle the whole thing for you by paying a retainer. And you can switch plans at any time!

How to Get Started

If you know you are ready and just want to get started on having us handle your appeal, you can BOOK NOW to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Just pick a time, pay a nominal $75 consult fee, and you will be set for a 30-minute phone consultation with the attorney. Video consultations will be available soon upon request. If you end up hiring us for a full-service appeal and pay a retainer, we will add a $75 credit to your first statement, thus making your consult effectively free!

If you already know that you’d prefer to just pay as you go for consulting and advice, then SCHEDULE CONSULTING today, and you’ll be signed up to meet with the attorney. You can book 30-minute or 60-minute appointments online. You save a little by booking in 1-hour blocks, but the choice is always yours. Just go to our website or the link above and select “General Legal Advice & Consulting Session.”

At Crossroad Legal, we are committed to fighting against the injustices of Illinois’ FOID Law. We know it can take time to get the relief you deserve, but we are here with you every step of the way.

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