Motorcycle Accidents

Ultimately, when your family can’t pay the bills, you’re suffering through painful rehabilitation, and someone else is to blame for all of it, you don’t want just another lawyer, you want a biker lawyer. You want CROSSROAD LEGAL. With offices in Mt. Vernon and O’Fallon, our team serves injured bikers and their families throughout all of southern Illinois, from the I-64 Corridor south, including Madison, St. Clair, Clinton, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin Counties, as well as anywhere in the (618) area code. If you or someone close to you has been hurt in a bike crash, call (618) 515-5555 .

You can also fill out our contact form below or chat with us online. However, you reach out to us, do it fast. There are strict time limits on getting compensated, and the faster you get in touch, the sooner our attorney can open an investigation and prepare to unleash an all-out assault on the insurance company’s defenses.

Helmet Laws

Yes, we live in Illinois where we do not have to wear a helmet. But if you have a crash while not wearing your helmet, you can rest assured the insurance company will attempt to say that your injuries are in part due to your own negligence. This might allow them to reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive. We aggressively dispute these unscrupulous attempts to skew the line between responsibility and liability.

One Story/One Side

Most car accidents result in the police interviewing both sides at the scene. This is because only in the worst car crashes are people rendered unconscious. But in the majority of serious bike crashes, the rider is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. This means the police often hear one side of the story. By the time the officers get to speak to the motorcyclist, he or she may have forgotten the details or may have a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), making it impossible to tell a different side of the story. Our office uses crash reconstruction experts, private investigators, and even drone pilots to recreate the events to show exactly how and why a crash occurred. Often, we don’t even need our client’s story to recreate the crash with pinpoint precision.


A lot of times, other motorists will flee the scene, knowing just how severe a motorcycle crash injury can be. This decision can be catastrophic if the biker has no uninsured motorist insurance. But where uninsured motorist coverage is available, we are usually able to collect significant compensation to help the victim recover, even in absence of another driver!

A motorcycle crash can be one of the most harrowing and life-changing events a person can survive. Sadly, bikers do worse in crashes, because they don’t have the benefit of protection. When a cage (aka car) strikes a bike, it can easily be fatal. Most motorcycle crashes are not caused by careless riders. Rather, negligent and careless drivers typically are the culprit. Experienced bikers know this all too well. It’s hard to find a motorcycle rider with more than a year of experience who doesn’t have at least a couple stories of “close calls.”

Keep in mind that motorcycle injuries are much different than car accidents. This is obvious in some ways, but many attorneys have no idea what it is like to have a car pull out at the last minute, leaving you to decide between laying down or full-speed impact. If your lawyer doesn’t know what it is like to ride, how is he or she going to explain it to a jury? Motorcycle accidents often involve unique legal problems too. For instance:

At CROSSROAD LEGAL, we have a proven system for collecting compensation for injured motorcyclists in Illinois. We focus our practice on helping motorcycle injury victims recover the money they need to cover medical expenses and more. We’ve conveniently located our two offices in O’Fallon and Mt. Vernon. Our O’Fallon office is just around the corner from Green Mount Harley Davidson, and our Mt. Vernon office is located just 2.8 miles from Roadhouse Harley Davidson. From these two offices, we are available to represent southern Illinois bikers in just about any type of accident case, from serious disfigurement to uninsured motorist and hit-and-run cases. Our attorney has handled literally thousands of personal injury claims. If you have to go to court, you’ll have a fellow rider at your side, as well as a talented attorney.  

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    All consultations are free of charge.  Effective July 1, 2023, our office performs all initial consultations via phone or video chat, as we find this allows us to help people who may not be able to travel after their injuries. However, in-person appointments may be scheduled in advance. Our firm does not do walk-ins, as we cannot guarantee that the attorney will be in the office at that time.  Please see our “Crossroad Pledge” for more information about how Crossroad Legal is different than other firms you may have seen.