Falls and Fractures

As people age, health problems can lead to decreased mobility. Many individuals residing in Illinois nursing homes are there for rehabilitation and strengthening. They go to get better, to heal from surgery, and to regain independence. Unfortunately, poor care, low staffing numbers, and ownership who put profits ahead of people can all lead to less than adequate care. Falls are among the most common injuries seen in nursing homes. Some of the most common causes of falls include:

  • Lack of assistance with toileting
  • Improper bed check schedule
  • Lack of precautions, such as bed alarms, lowered beds, or staff attendance
  • Accepting patients with needs that are greater than what the facility can provide
  • Poor continence care

Many times, residents may also suffer from dementia or other memory conditions that can lead them to forget that they are unable to walk. These patients present a unique challenge, but it is not a reason to suffer falls. A nursing home should have measures in place to ensure that such patients are frequently attended to and assisted with going to the restroom, changing clothes, and performing other activities of daily living. Falls can lead to:

  • Hip and leg fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Advanced deterioration in condition
  • Painful and expensive surgeries in late life, which can have added risks
  • Death

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