Medication Errors

Nursing homes, also referred to as long-term care or skilled nursing facilities, exist to provide both short-term rehabilitation and long-term residency for those who need an advanced level of care. Each facility must have a medical director. This individual is a licensed physician who may serve multiple facilities at the same time. This individual is responsible for oversight, but the actual nursing staff are in charge of the day-to-day care.

It is not uncommon for improper medications to be administered, leading to severe side effects or negative reactions. Whether due to poor training, low staffing, or a lack of attention to detail, nursing home patients often are not given the medication they need, or medications are administered improperly. These types of mistakes can be deadly to those who are dependent on medications for their survival. If a loved one has died or been seriously injured due to a medication mistake in a southern Illinois nursing home, call Crossroad Legal today, and get a free consultation with an attorney to determine if compensation may be available.

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