The Crossroad Pledge

No lawyer can guarantee a specific result, amount of recovery, or how long a case will take. But there certainly are a lot of things we can guarantee. This is why we offer all injured clients the CROSSROAD PLEDGE:

  1. We pledge convenience. After extensive research and discussions with hundreds of past and present clients, we learned that the majority of injured people do not want to drive to an attorney’s office to discuss their case. Convenience is more important. Many injured people may be confined to bed, unable to drive, or be temporarily without a vehicle. So, we offer video consults, phone consults, and 24/7 access to our firm by phone.
  2. We pledge thoughtful communication. We know that keeping you in the loop is extremely important, so once you are a client of the firm, you will have access to a secure portal to send and receive text messages to the firm and review important case documents.
  3. We pledge to keep our fees fair and always take less than our clients. Some personal injury attorneys take up to 50% of your recovery in fees! This can result in your attorney making more than you do. At Crossroad Legal, we guarantee that we will never take a fee that is higher than the amount you receive.
  4. We pledge to never force settlement. While there are definitely times when clients and their attorneys may disagree on the value of a case, we feel that ultimately only our clients can decide when it is right to settle. We will always advise our clients and make recommendations, but if a client does not want to settle, we will either take the case to trial or refer our clients to another attorney. But we will never force you to accept a settlement.
  5. We pledge to save you money where we can. Crossroad Legal operates almost entirely from a virtual platform, meaning that while we do have a physical office, all files, records, and client materials are securely managed through HIPAA-compliant cloud-based servers. In this day and age, we are able to effectively communicate with clients by phone, text, email, video chat, and mail, just as effectively as we used to in person. Technology has allowed us to do so much more with so much less. What this means for you is the money we save by not staffing a big expensive office and having our people sit and work there all day is passed along to you in the way of lower fees, faster response times, and more convenient services. Our goal is to be 100% virtual by January 2024! But don’t worry. If you ever need to meet your lawyer in person, we will either have you come in to a local office, or we will bring the office to you!

We know choosing an attorney is a big decision. So, you should never make it based solely on websites and ads. Likewise, past results are not a guarantee that you’ll have the same outcomes in your own case. Lastly, no lawyer should ever promise a specific outcome. It’s impossible and frankly silly to do so. Instead, find a lawyer you trust, who knows what he’s doing, and who serves your local community doing the type of work that you need help with. This is always your best bet for getting quality legal services.