Top 5 reasons clients love us!

Since opening our doors, we’ve done our best to make things convenient for our clients. To achieve this, we accept all major credit and debit cards, we offer online payments, we use e-signature software for most documents, a secure communications portal that offers clients the ability to upload and review files online and communicate securely with the firm. We even continue to maintain 24/7 phone handling. Since the pandemic, we have continued our efforts to serve clients near and far without them having to leave their homes, and we are committed to modernizing and improving the practice of law at every turn.
There’s an old saying that goes, “pride is expensive.” The outdated, cliché of a stately gentleman in a dark suit standing before a wall of dusty (and likely never opened) books embodied public perceptions of the profession for generations. Indeed, people came to expect lawyers to act and look like the ones on TV ads. Fortunately, the world is changing rapidly, and clients today are less concerned with appearances and more concerned about results and price. By no longer maintaining brick-and-mortar offices, we can pass on tremendous savings to our clients, while still giving them the same high-quality service they expect.
Everyone has a different idea of terrific service. At Crossroad Legal, we believe you can tell how good someone’s experience with their attorney is by simply asking that client to explain their case to you. Our clients know their rights, understand their cases, and can thoroughly discuss the details. We frequently receive calls from individuals who already have experienced attorneys handling their cases, but they have no idea what the legal theories or strategies are, they may not understand their options, and they generally are confused about their settlements. Many times, this is even after years of working with those attorneys. To us, this is a sign they may not be receiving the service they truly deserve.
It’s common for injured people to hire big law firms they see on billboards or late-night TV ads, many times from other parts of the state or even other regions of the country altogether. And we completely understand. Seeing a big firm with lots of money and lawyers initially seems appealing. Many think that bigger means better. In some ways this should be the case. But when it comes to most personal injury cases, the opposite is often true. This boils down to law firm economics. These big firms from far away tend to hire legions of young, unskilled, or inexperienced attorneys. Due to their massive ad budgets, they tend to have thousands of clients, so these lawyers get bombarded with work. We receive hundreds of calls each year from disappointed injury victims who have been working with other firms for the majority of their case, and yet they have no idea what is going on, how much money they are getting, or even if the case has been filed in court or not! It seems bigger just means busier. And that isn’t good. As a small, boutique firm, we are local. We know the judges, we work with the local court system regularly, and most importantly, we take a limited number of cases, so we can focus on getting the best results for those clients we do serve.
Speaking of results, ours speak for themselves. No really – we encourage you to watch testimonials, read reviews, and even speak to past clients. Yes, we are so confident in our results that we routinely let prospective clients speak to past clients who share their experiences.