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No Such Thing As A Minor Offense

Some attorneys will treat a DUI or misdemeanor case like an  "easy" case to quickly resolve. But at Crossroad Legal, we understand that for some, a DUI or misdemeanor may be their first and only criminal arrest. So, we take every case seriously.


Whether it is your first time getting a DUI or you've  had several in the past, you do not want to take chances. Let our team help.

Misdemeanor Charges

From theft crimes to domestic battery, there are a  lot of offenses that can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the facts. We treat all criminal charges as serious matters, regardless of class or potential penalties.

Going To Trial

Misdemeanor cases are still criminal charges, so  you have a right to force the state to prove their case before a jury. While these can be shorter than felony cases, you still want the prosecutor to know you're ready to defend yourself at trial if necessary.

Taking A Plea Deal

Some people think that by taking a plea deal they are giving up. But this is not the case. In many cases, it may be clear that the State can prove its case, or the evidence may be so even that no one can  predict how a jury would decide. In these situations, you want a skilled negotiator in your corner.

Diversion Programs

Some counties in Illinois have terrific options to preserve your clean record by allowing you to participate in a pretrial diversion program. These require class attendance, fees, and even community service, but at completion, they show dismissed, thereby preserving your record.

Domestic Violence

While often just a misdemeanor, domestic battery will prohibit you from owning a gun and can affect employment and housing options for some. They  are also some of the hardest cases for the State to win. We aggressively fight to protect our clients from getting a domestic battery conviction when possible.