Illinois' Best Gun Rights Lawyer

Crossroad Legal is proud to announce that beginning May 1, 2024, we have established a special division of our firm devoted entirely to gun rights in Illinois. We offer full-service representation for Illinois FOID Card Reinstatements and Appeals, Estate Plans for Gun Owners, and a wide range of consulting and general gun rights advocacy. To learn more, or to get your FOID Card reinstated, visit our new site devoted solely to gun rights and advocacy.

FOID & CCL Revoked

If your Illinois FOID card or concealed carry license have been denied or revoked, you need skilled assistance. Very few attorneys in Illinois seriously focus their practices on gun rights and the complex laws behind FOID Cards. Our office has helped hundreds of gun owners get their rights back, and we’re only getting started. If you’ve lost your right to bear arms, visit our firm’s new site devoted solely to gun rights and FOID Appeals. See if you may qualify for one of our unique Do-it-Yourself packages, through which you can receive step-by-step instructions through dynamic video tutorials and custom forms, and get attorney guidance, or hire us to do it all for you!

Gun Crimes Defense

Every year, thousands of people visit Illinois from states with much less restrictive gun laws. Many of those visitors get arrested and charged with serious crimes, even for doing things that would otherwise be perfectly legal in most other states. In fact, Illinois even requires out-of-state residents to obtain an Illinois CCL if they wish to carry a loaded firearm in their vehicle, because Illinois does not recognize concealed carry licenses from any other state! If you’re charged with a gun-related offense, you can contact us here, or visit My Gun Lawyer today!

Gun Trusts & Comprehensive Estate Plans for Firearm Owners

For some gun owners, their collection is so large that it qualifies as a legacy. We have worked with individuals with collections that exceed $250,000 in value, making their collection one of the most valuable monetary components of their entire estate. But gun owners have special precautions that they must take when passing firearms down from one generation to another. For one, weapons may only be transferred in accordance with ATF regulations, and often require a licensed firearm dealer to handle the exchange. Likewise, if you lose your Illinois FOID Card, you may be forced to surrender your entire collection to law enforcement, which could mean losing valuable assets. To protect your legacy and keep your firearms in the family for generations, you need a properly drafted NFA-Approved Gun Trust. Our experienced attorney can help you build a final estate plan that is just right for you and your family. To learn more and schedule an appointment, just visit us at My Gun Lawyer today! 

Advocacy & Consulting Services

If you are a CCL instructor, firearms dealer, shooting range, or other gun-related business owner, you may frequently find yourself confused about your rights and obligations. Plenty of perfectly good businesses lose their licenses or get in serious trouble for inadvertently violating the law. If you are in the business of selling firearms or training the public, we want to work with you! We provide regular advice and consulting services to firearms businesses. Learn more about how we can help by visiting My Gun Lawyer today