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Real Client. Real Case. Real Results.

$70,000 for Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Hand Fracture

Our client was injured when a distracted driver cut him off, causing him to lay down his motorcycle. He suffered injuries to his knees and back, as well as a broken hand.

Battery Charges Dismissed Based on Self Defense

Our client was involved in an altercation at a local gas station, when another driver blocked him from leaving and charged toward his door. Our client got out of his vehicle and struck the man several times, got back in his car, and departed the scene. Initially charged with battery, we were able to obtain a full dismissal of all charges within less than 4 months.

$300,000 Caps Policy Limits for Sisters Hurt in Auto Accident

Two sisters were hurt in a T-bone accident on a rural southern Illinois road. Both suffered serious injuries. The attorney obtained $150,000 in compensation for each, which was the maximum amount available under all insurance policies.

Arbitration Award 4 Times Higher Than Allstate’s Top Offer in Uninsured Motorist Case

An uninsured driver backed into an elderly man, knocking him to the ground. He suffered a minor head injury, with bruising and soreness. The client’s insurance carrier offered to pay uninsured motorist benefits of just $4,000. The matter was taken to formal Arbitration, where the attorney secured an award of $16,000…4 times the top offer made by Allstate.

Low Policy Limit Settlement Stretched to Cover All Medical for Injured Client

Our client was seriously injured by a driver who had just $25,000 in insurance and no assets. We were able to stretch the $25,000 policy to pay over $68,000 in medical bills and still put cash in our client’s hands. Prior to hiring the firm, he was offered $5,000. Without our efforts, he would have received nothing and would still owe more than $60,000 in medical debt.

$175,000 for Nursing Home Resident Who Suffered a Fall From Bed

A southern Illinois woman fell from her bed due to poor staffing at a rural nursing home. Our office obtained a settlement for $175,000 after just 6 months of litigation.

$900,000 in Total Settlements for Southern Illinois Wrongful Death Case

Two elderly individuals were killed in a head on collision. Unfortunately, insurance proceeds were limited. Our office was able to identify potential manufacturing defects with their vehicle, leading to additional financial recoveries for the estates.

$175,000 Facial Fractures in Rural Nursing Home

Staff of a rural southern Illinois nursing home failed to properly identify an elderly resident’s risk for falls, resulting in multiple falls within days of admission, resulting in several fractures to the resident’s eye and cheek bones. A confidential settlement was reached within months of filing suit.

100% Rating for Veteran Denied Disability for PTSD

A veteran was denied disability for PTSD, because the VA argued his disturbances were merely a mood disorder and not PTSD. However, the veteran was already service-connected for PTSD at 0%. The VA failed to apply the law correctly, and the attorney was able to get his PTSD rating increased to 70% which, when combined with other conditions, brought his total disability to 100%.

$400,000 for Chicago Area Nursing Home Resident With Amputation Due to Bedsore

An elderly resident of a nursing home in the Chicago area suffered from diabetes and was on hospice, but the diabetes was well-controlled while living at home. Within 4 weeks of entering the nursing home, the care was so inadequate that he had developed a massive pressure ulcer on his heel. Physicians at a local hospital determined it had to be amputated because it was too far along to treat. The nursing home settled just before mediation without admitting liability.

$90,000 Retroactive Disability Compensation for Veteran

A veteran who was discharged in the late 1990s suffered from pseudofolliculitis barbae – a condition that causes inflammation and scarring of the hair follicles. The veteran could not shave his face without causing painful burning, rashes, and blemishes. The condition was related to forced shaving over the years of military service, which aggravated the condition leading to hardening of the skin and scar tissue. The VA had denied the veteran disability for almost 20 years. The attorney was able to successfully get the veteran’s disability approved, and the rating was increased by 30%, giving him numerous additional benefits as well as more compensation.

Probation for Cocaine Possession W/Prior Murder Conviction

A man was charged with a class 4 felony for possession of cocaine. His criminal record included a conviction from the 1990s where he served 14 years in prison for murder. The defendant plead guilty to the cocaine possession, yet the attorney was still able to successfully argue for probation, despite a lengthy criminal history that included a murder charge.

Elder Abuse - Dismissal

A woman was charged with abusing an elderly person for leaving the senior in her garage overnight in cold weather. Upon further investigation, the attorney learned that the senior had a long criminal record, which included fraud, forgery, and similar crimes of dishonesty. Despite no criminal record, the state was unwilling to offer anything that would keep a conviction off the defendant’s record. After months of aggressive representation, the state eventually dismissed the charges, recognizing that the defendant did not meet the requirements of the law to be charged with the crime, and the victim’s allegations did not match the evidence.

Vehicle Theft & Felony Theft - Dismissal

A woman was arrested and charged with theft of paint supplies and a commercial vehicle. The case had been pending for over 2 years prior to the attorney taking over the case. Upon taking over the case, the attorney noticed discrepancies in eyewitness statements and police interviews. Within a few months, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges and dismiss the case. The defendant had a lengthy criminal history that included theft.

Vehicular Burglary 2020 - Not Guilty Verdict

A man was arrested and charged with a Class 3 felony for burglary. The state alleged that he stole a vape pen from a vehicle parked in front of a retail shop. At trial, the state produced a video purporting to show the defendant in the act, and the defendant had a lengthy criminal record, much of which the judge allowed the jury to hear. After a 3-day trial, the jury found the defendant not guilty. The state’s best plea offer prior to trial was 8 years prison.

$200,000 Fractured Arm in Rural Nursing Home

A nursing aide at a rural nursing home carelessly rolled an elderly resident off her bed while tending to her. The fall broke her arm, requiring a surgery, which then became infected. Plaintiff was able to reach a settlement to resolve the claim without the need for trial.

$210,000 Madison County Bedsore

An elderly nursing home resident in Madison County, Illinois suffered from a deep and infected bedsore at a nursing home. The Plaintiff alleged that the bedsore was caused by poor staffing and a failure to provide the right amount of care. A confidential settlement was reached between the Plaintiff, the nursing home, a wound care nurse, and a local hospital.

Diversion Program Obtained for Defendant in St. Clair County Shooting Case

Client was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and aggravated discharge of a firearm over a holiday weekend. After tireless negotiations, he was able to enter a diversion program, which will result in a full dismissal and a clean record.

Multiple Warrants Dropped

A Texas woman was facing multiple warrants in Jefferson and Marion Counties due to failing to report for probation over 4 years ago. She was afraid that at any time she could be arrested and hauled back to Illinois. She had lived in fear for years. Within 6 months of hiring Crossroad Legal, all warrants were quashed, and her probation was discharged, allowing her to move on with her life without fear of arrest.

Third Domestic Battery Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

A southern Illinois man facing his third consecutive felony domestic battery charge was facing an offer of 5 years in prison when our office took over the case. Within 4 months of hiring us, his charges were reduced to a Class A misdemeanor.

Jefferson County DUI Dismissed

Case dismissed. Defendant was arrested following a poorly executed traffic stop and DUI field sobriety test. The defendant refused to submit to blood tests.

No Prison Time for Man Charged With Class X Meth Trafficking

Indiana man charged with multiple class X counts of meth delivery and fleeing and evading. After almost a year of litigation, our office obtained a negotiated plea for conditional discharge. No prison time for our client.

DUI Dismissed for Out of Town Visitor

A man was traveling in southern Illinois and received a charge for DUI. Our office got the charges dismissed, and the arrest expunged within less than 6 months.

Home Invasion Reduced to Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass

A Madison County man was charged with home invasion for allegedly breaking into his girlfriend’s home at night and beating up two men who were present. Just 90 days after the first call to our office, we got the state to reduce the charge to a simple misdemeanor trespass. Our client faced up to 30 years in prison on a class X felony and ultimately walked away with a misdemeanor and some fines, thus allowing him to keep his job and avoid any jail time.

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